Windows 10® Security

We’re prepared… ready to protect you

Don’t let a new OS leave you open to new attacks

With the launch of Windows 10, how can PC users benefit from the new operating system’s new features… and also stay safe?

New OS - New Risks

Whenever any new software apps or operating systems are launched, you can be sure that cybercriminals will be working hard to identify any vulnerabilities or ‘bugs’ that can be used as a gateway into your PC. With so much valuable data stored on the typical PC – including passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details and confidential, personal information – any security breach can be very costly.

Be Prepared

With its vast user-base, Windows has always attracted a lot of unwelcome attention from cybercriminals that try to steal your money or confidential information. That’s why it’s vitally important that you do all you can to protect your PC… and your digital life. So, if you’re an early adopter – keen to be ahead of the pack with the latest Windows OS – you’ll also need to make sure you’re one step ahead of any new risks.

Protected From ‘Day One’

Kaspersky Lab’s security experts have already developed protection for the new operating system. Even if you’re one of the very first to install Windows 10, Kaspersky Lab’s 2016 products are ready to deliver award-winning security technologies that go far beyond the Windows 10 included antivirus protection… and security for your digital life that leaves nothing to chance.