Protect your PC with Windows 7 antivirus and more

Does your Windows 7 security software deliver up-to-the-minute protection?

If you’re not ready to move to Windows 8, you’ll still need to ensure your Windows 7 security is capable of defending your PC against the latest malware & online risks.

Windows 7 Security Risks

Malware has moved on – with today’s hackers and cybercriminals using increasingly sophisticated ways to attack PCs in order to steal money and confidential information. If the vendor that supplied your Windows 7 security software isn’t continually developing new defenses against new attacks, your PC’s security could fail to keep pace with the latest, complex threats… leaving you vulnerable to identity theft & financial loss.

Real-time Security

As well as distributing new anti-malware database updates much more frequently than many other security products, Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions include cloud-assisted technologies – so you benefit from extremely rapid response to new malware… as new threats emerge. The cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network is just one of the many ways we deliver award-winning security that helps PC users to stay ahead of the threats.

Multi-layer Protection

Kaspersky Lab is also recognized for its innovative security technologies that go beyond anti-malware – to defend against complex, Internet-based attacks. In addition to providing award-winning Windows 7 antivirus , Kaspersky Total Security - Multi-Device and Kaspersky Internet Security include advanced technologies that defend against online threats – so you get extra layers of protection for your PC, your money and your identity.