The latest Windows needs the latest Windows 8 virus protection & more

If you think your PC is secure against Windows 8 security risks… think again

PC users have come to appreciate the benefits of Windows 8. However, despite security improvements, PCs are vulnerable to Windows 8 Internet security risks and viruses.

Security Threats

New viruses, malware & Internet-based threats are targeting Windows 8 users. Even though Windows 8 includes Windows Defender, it only offers basic security – and it’s certainly not a match for today’s sophisticated online threats. Windows Defender provides minimal protection against malware – compared with the rigorous, multi-layered security that Kaspersky Lab’s Windows 8 antivirus and Internet security solutions deliver.

Optimised for Windows 8

As well as being fully integrated with Windows Security Center, Kaspersky Lab’s latest security solutions also support Microsoft’s Early-Launch Anti-Malware (ELAM) technology. When you switch on your PC, our security software is active before any third-party software components can launch – so Kaspersky Lab security technologies are protecting your PC even sooner.

Better Windows 8 Security

With over 15 years of Internet security innovations – and a vast number of awards from independent reviewers and testing labs – Kaspersky Lab is recognised for industry-leading Windows 8 security. Kaspersky Total Security - Multi-Device and Kaspersky Internet Security combine Windows 8 antivirus – plus advanced technologies that protect against the latest online threats and deliver vital, added protection for your PC, your money and your identity.