Are you aware of the risks?

“It’s just a tablet”… but what about the data stored on it?

Think about everything you use your tablet for – and all the confidential information you enter onto it. Suddenly, Windows tablet security seems a lot more important.

The Same Risks Apply

It’s worth remembering that today’s tablets are powerful computers. We use them for many of the things that used to be reserved for laptops and desktops – and that includes online banking & shopping, social networking and storing personal information. Sadly, many people forget that these powerful, portable computers are vulnerable to malware and Internet-based attacks – just like any other computer – so Windows tablet security is important.

Understand the Threats

Being aware of the latest threats can be a useful first step in helping you decide how you’re going to protect your tablet and your confidential information. Even if you don’t have any of our security products, you can still get Kaspersky Now… and it’s available as a free download. Kaspersky Now delivers an RSS feed of our portal – so you can keep up to date on security news and learn about the latest malware.

Simplifying Security

Furthermore, if you already have a license for running Kaspersky Anti-Virus or Kaspersky Internet Security on your PC, your free download of Kaspersky Now can offer you much more than news about the latest security threats and trends. Kaspersky Now gives you convenient access to key features within the Kaspersky Lab security product that you’ve purchased – including checking the security status of your PC and resolving security issues.