Award-winning Windows Vista antivirus and more

Is Windows Vista antivirus enough to keep your money and your kids safe?

Over 315,000 new items of malware are unleashed by hackers and cybercriminals… every day. How can you make sure your Windows Vista security is able to protect your PC?

More than Malware

The increasing volume of viruses, Trojans & spyware brings significant risks for PC users. However, in addition to malware, there are many other types of threat that can affect the security of your PC and the confidential information you enter into it. Internet-based attacks have added to the range of threats that PC users have to protect against… so Windows Vista antivirus software is essential – but, on its own, it isn’t enough.

Combined Protection

It’s vital that you choose a Windows Vista security solution that combines the latest Windows Vista virus protection plus innovative defenses against today’s sophisticated Windows Vista Internet security risks – including phishing campaigns that may try to steal your money or personal information, plus online threats that could affect the safety of your children.

Additional Security

As well as anti-phishing, anti-spam and a host of anti-malware technologies – including features that monitor your PC and look out for suspicious behavior & security risks – many of Kaspersky Lab’s products include special security for your money and your children. Unique Safe Money technology provides extra security for online banking & shopping – and award-winning Parental Control features protect kids against online threats.