Get effective Windows XP antivirus and more

How secure is your Windows XP PC?

Now that Microsoft has ended its extended support for Windows XP, what can you do to boost your PC’s security… and guard against malware & online risks?

Are you Affected?

Virtually all PC software programs contain vulnerabilities – or ‘bugs’ – and cybercriminals often use these as an illicit gateway to gain access to innocent users’ PCs. Whenever software vendors discover new bugs in their products, they’ll usually issue patches that remedy any security issues. However, with Windows XP now at ‘end-of-life’ status, Microsoft is no longer offering new, free Windows XP security updates.

Staying with XP?

If you choose to continue running Windows XP, your PC could be at increased risk – as there’ll be no free Microsoft security updates to fix new bugs. Although some users may accept that risk, that’s no reason for them to avoid taking other security precautions. Defending your PC against malware & Internet attacks is still essential – and Kaspersky Lab has a range of security products to help with your Windows XP security.

Time to Upgrade?

On the other hand, many Windows XP users have decided that now is the time to upgrade to a later version of Windows. Because Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions are compatible with every currently supported Windows operating system – including Windows 8 – users can still benefit from our award-winning security. Even if you choose to move to a Mac, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac delivers multi-layered protection against Mac security risks.