Windows® Security Solutions

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Don’t let Windows security threats steal your money,
your identity and more

When you’re online banking, shopping or socializing… just how safe are your bank details, credit card numbers and personal information? It’s a sad fact that hackers are constantly trying to get hold of confidential data – and these cybercriminals are coming up with increasingly devious ways to steal innocent users’ money and identities. Don’t let them claim you as their next victim.

Rigorous PC Windows security – that’s easy to use

Whichever Windows device you’re using – whether it’s your PC, Windows Phone or Windows Tablet – all of the valuable data you enter on it could be at risk… unless you’re running an effective Windows Internet security solution. Kaspersky Lab is recognized for its world-class Windows antivirus and Windows Internet security products. For PCs, we offer you a choice of Windows security solutions that combine our powerful, cloud-assisted anti-malware, plus innovative Internet security functionality – such as Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning Parental Control features and unique Safe Money technology. We also offer free downloads of Kaspersky Safe Browser for Windows Phone users – plus Kaspersky Now… the app that delivers our latest security news to your Windows tablet.

What’s more, if you use a combination of PCs, Mac computers, Android phones & tablets, we’ve even got a single product that can protect them all – in virtually any combination.